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You can download the Lite Version from the Oculus store.

Most questions can be answered by checking the user manual. If this doesn’t help, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Utrecht, The Netherlands
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Scalable content solution

Easily distribute your videos to new VR headsets, without the need to prepare the content on them one by one.

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Remotely manage content

Easily add more or delete video content on multiple VR headsets at once, managed remotely.

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Custom branded VR player

Login to your own VR cloud once and always play your content from your own branded video player

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Fast, High Quality and reliable

New content will download automatically on startup of the app, this results in a fast and reliable solution to playback 360 degree videos up to 8K!

How it works

EZ360 cloud is a product meant for companies that want to distribute their 360 degree video content to a large number of VR headsets that could be distributed all around the world. EZ360 cloud offers everything that EZ360 has, but also an online content management system (CMS) that allows these organizations to manage the video content on all these devices remotely via an online portal.

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Let us know you would like to get notified as soon as EZ360 Cloud becomes available. Or contact us for more information about the EZ360 Cloud Solution. The new and easy way to distribute and manage 360° videos across multiple devices.

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