Who are we?

We are an ambitious and enthusiastic team of VR professionals working to make VR accessible and affordable for businesses. We believe in giving our customers an excellent experience and aim to exceed their expectations. With our 15+ years of combined experience in the VR field we help accelerate our customers’ business with VR. We’re a company in it for the long run, so you can count on us!

We’re empowering organizations to deliver VR experiences professionally.

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We know it is key that your presentation software always works. Therefore we build EZ360 as robust as possible. Always make a professional impression with EZ360.

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With over 15+ years of combined experience, we are experts in this industry. We build VR software and are leaders in the event and rental space. Therefore, we have the expertise and experience to help you succeed.


Fast and Ambitious

As an ambitious company, we are committed to exceeding our clients' expectations. We offer quick support and continuously aim to improve our product. Let us help you create the future.

This is what others say about EZ360.

VR shouldn’t be chaos.

At EZ360, we’re building a place where everything that has to do with management, distribution and playback of VR content is well-organized and user-friendly. With EZ360, organizations can showcase their VR content in a professional, easy and affordable way. Whether it is a small project with one piece of content and a maybe a few VR headsets, or a large project with a lot of content and VR headsets spread around the world. With EZ360, VR content can be served neatly to the viewer and the organization retains control.

Made because it was needed.

When we decided to built EZ360, there was no intention at all to offer the application for others to use it as well. As a full-service Virtual Reality company, that was named VR-House, we simply needed a more robust solution for easy playback of VR content for during events. From the moment we started using the application, there were many companies around us that asked if they could use it as well. The large demand, and the fact that we saw for ourselves how beneficial it was to use EZ360 for the playback of VR content has led us to further develop EZ360 and to make it available for other organizations to use. Now, many organizations around the world make use of EZ360 for the management, distribution and playback of their VR content. We’re delighted that with our solution we can contribute to an enormous amount of beautiful and interesting VR projects. It feels great to be able to make Virtual Reality more accessible for organizations this way.

Let’s make VR mainstream, together.

We’re building a product that empowers businesses to apply VR and make scaling possible.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved. EZ360 is front-leader when it comes to management, distribution and playback of VR content.

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We’re even more proud of what our users have accomplished with EZ360, and we’re excited to empower new users every day.