With EZ360 you can start Virtual Reality content by simply putting on the headset. The best solution for easy distribution, management and playback of VR content.

The easiest VR content player

The content starts when someone puts on the headset. Automatically resets when headset is taken of.

Custom branded VR player

Showcase VR content easily to clients and customers. Let them just put on the VR headset, EZ360 will do the rest!

Remotely manage content

Easily add, change or delete VRcontent on multiple VR headsets at once. All easily managed in the cloud CMS.

Easy, Reliable and Fast

New content will download automatically on startup of the app, this results in a fast and reliable solution to playback VR content in high quality!

How the VR player works

This video perfectly explains how the EZ360 VR player works. You will be much wiser in 70 seconds!
Samsung Gear VR
Xiaomi VR

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HTC Vive

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Pico VR

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Clients previewing videos

Video producer X is creating a 360° video for a client. To show his progress and receive feedback he uses EZ360 to push new versions to his clients VR headset. The clients’ headset automatically downloads the latest version and plays the video automatically.

Share new versions of your video with your client that they can easily download and view in a VR headset.

Remotely manage your content

Video producer Y creates and manages videos for different clients. She also takes care that the clients’ VR devices have the latest version of the video installed. She uses the EZ360 CMS to add and update videos on the headsets of her clients.

Easily add, change or delete content for different clients using the online CMS.

Centrally distribute different videos

Company Z uses a 360° promotional video worldwide. They have multiple versions, each with a local language. They use EZ360 to centrally manage all the content and when a new office joins the VR program they can easily be added to the CMS.

With EZ360 you can remotely manage content on VR devices that might be on the other side of the world.

The EZ360 app is available for free

Pricing plans

US Dollars
  • Free plan

  • $ 0 lifetime
    0 lifetime

  • Headsets
  • Content Storage
    2 GB
  • EZ360 CMS & VR Player
  • VR Sync
  • VR App Distribution
  • White-label
  • Starter

  • $ 54 monthly*
    49 monthly*

  • Headsets
  • Content Storage
    5 GB
  • EZ360 CMS & VR Player
  • VR Sync
  • VR App Distribution
  • White-label
  • Professional

  • $ 109 Monthly*
    99 Monthly*

  • Headsets
  • Content Storage
    10 GB
  • EZ360 CMS & VR Player
  • VR Sync
  • VR App Distribution
  • White-label
  • Business

  • $ 219 Monthly*
    199 Monthly*

  • Headsets
  • Content Storage
    20 GB
  • EZ360 CMS & VR Player
  • VR Sync
  • VR App Distribution
  • White-label
  • Enterprise

  • $ 329 Monthly*
    299 Monthly*

  • Headsets
  • Content Storage
    40 GB
  • EZ360 CMS & VR Player
  • VR Sync
  • VR App Distribution
  • White-label
  • Custom

  • $ ...

  • Headsets
  • Content Storage
    40 GB +
  • EZ360 CMS & VR Player
  • VR Sync
  • VR App Distribution
  • White-label

*Cancel, pause or change a subscription at any time.

Save 10% off subscription plans with annual billing.

Prefer a one time payment for just the EZ360 player? 

Core Features

✔ Cloud-based CMS

Manage your videos on any device with a browser.

✔ Offline playback (no WiFi required)

Once the videos are downloaded you do not need an internet connection to play the videos.

✔ Encryption protection
✔ Unlimited up/download data transfer*
✔ Account management

With account management, you can become an admin and manage other peoples accounts. Especially useful for video creators that have multiple clients that use EZ360.

✔ Analytics

The number of times content was viewed, the average time content was viewed, and when the content was last viewed.

✔ Video auto-start

The video starts automatically when someone puts on the VR-headset. No user actions required!

✔ Automatic restart for new viewer

The video resets to frame 0 when someone takes off the headset. Once someone picks up the headset the video will automatically start.

✔ VR Sync

Start a VR experience on multiple headsets at exactly the same time.

✔ VR App Distribution

Manage, distribute and start your custom VR applications (.apk files) across all your VR headsets.

✔ No controller needed

All you need is your headset. If you prefer using the controller, you can enable this setting in the portal.

✔ Gaze selection with multiple videos

All you need is your headset. Your viewers do not need to use the controllers.

✔ Create playlists with different videos

Add your custom logo to the video selection screen.

✔ Custom thumbnails

Upload a custom image (per video) to use as a thumbnail.

✔ Custom 360° background

Upload a 360° image to use as the background in the video selection menu.

✔ Subtitles

Simply upload the .srt subtitle file. Monoscopic videos only.

✔ Spatial audio

Support for spatial audio with .tbe files is supported.

✔ 360° & 180° videos
✔ 2D Traditional videos
✔ Mono- and stereoscopic
✔ Resolution up to 5.7K
✔ Up to 60 fps

*Limited by fair use

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