Work at EZ360

The team of EZ360 is driven by our mission to make VR accessible and affordable for any organization. Since 2016, we are helping organizations in organizing professional VR experiences, with the right combination of software and hardware. The high demand for a comprehensive content management system to manage VR headsets and content has driven us to develop EZ360. After we launched, we have only received positive responses from many organizations around the world. In the meantime, many users have already joined us and we work daily on improving our product and increasing customer satisfaction.

We value transparency, flexibility and simplicity (hence the name EZ360). In work, it is our goal to satisfy the needs of our customers in an efficient, effective and creative way. You’ll work closely with the founders to make direct contributions to our customers’ experience when using EZ360 and the impact we have on the worldwide adoption of VR.

Work at EZ360

Growing fast to unlock an emerging market.

Work remotely

As a VR software solution, we realized we don't need an ordinary office anymore. Instead, our team can work from anywhere in the world and stay connected via (VR) teleconferencing. You decide where you work from, whether it is your own home-office, nearby cafe, one of the many co-working spaces or even a campervan!

Work fast

As an ambitious company, we are committed to exceeding our clients' expectations. As a small and flexible company, we can offer quick support and make improvements to our solution every day. When working with us, you can quickly bring about changes. Good initiatives and requests from customers can often be immediately realized!

Work autonomous

At EZ360 we believe that embracing autonomy in the workplace leads to positive effects on well-being and job satisfaction. This means you can set your own schedules, design your own processes, and, in consultation with the rest of the team, make important decisions. We strongly believe this works, as long as we share the same passion, vision and mission.

This is what our clients say about EZ360.

Embrace VR technology, it’s awesome.

Let’s make VR mainstream, together.

We’re building a product that empowers businesses to apply VR and make scaling possible.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved. EZ360 is front-leader when it comes to management, distribution and playback of VR content.

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We’re even more proud of what our users have accomplished with EZ360, and we’re excited to empower new users every day.