Support & Downloads

You can download the Lite Version from the Oculus store.

Most questions can be answered by checking the user manual. If this doesn’t help, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Computerweg 1, 3542DP
Utrecht, The Netherlands
+31 30 227 29 24

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Become an EZ360 reseller and help your clients succeed with their 360° videos.

ez360 reseller


Get keys for your customers with a discount and profit.

Kiosk Mode

Offer your clients a unique kiosk mode app.


Your content is showcased in an easy but professional way.

Optimal Choice

The best in class automatic 360° video player.

We Offer a Reseller Program For


The automatic 360 video player.

EZ360 Pro

The Whitelabel version of EZ360.

EZ360 Custom

A custom made EZ360.

EZ360 Cloud

360 video cloud management system (coming soon).

Direct Feedback

We value our resellers greatly. They know what their customers require in EZ360. Therefore, we encourage our resellers to take part in the future of EZ360.