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Download the EZ360 VR player

Choose for which device you want to use EZ360. Of course, you can use it on all devices.

a. Oculus Go | Samsung Gear VR

b. Oculus Rift | HTC Vive

c. Oculus Quest

d. Pico (coming soon)

e. Xiaomi Mi VR (coming soon)

Oculus Go | Samsung Gear VR

Download EZ360 for free in the headset, using the Oculus app on your phone, or visit the Oculus Go store via your browser. You can also use the search function in the Oculus Go | Samsung Gear headset to find and download EZ360 from within the device.

Oculus Rift | HTC Vive

Log in to your Steam account (if you don’t have one yet you can Register one). Download EZ360 for free from Steam.

Oculus Quest

EZ360 for the Oculus Quest is not yet in the Oculus Quest store, download the application below to install it to an Oculus Quest.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Click here to download the Oculus Quest installer.
  2. Make sure you set your Oculus Quest to developer mode.
  3. Connect your VR device to your computer.
  4. Unzip the EZ360 Quest Installer file.
  5. Open the unzipped folder, and run the install.bat file.
  6. Wait until the success message appears.
  7. EZ360 is now installed, open your library and click ‘unknown sources’.

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