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How to manually transfer content to your VR headset and play using EZ360

VR Headset and Play Using EZ360

How to manually transfer content to your VR headset and play using EZ360

Note: Manually transfer content is not needed with EZ360, using the online portal, you can easily transfer content to your VR headsets via the cloud. However, if you need to transfer the content manually for some reason, this article explains how this can be done. After you installed EZ360 on your VR device and restarted the VR device, you can connect it to a computer to manually transfer your content to it.

Step 1. Transfer your content to the VR headset

You can transfer content to your VR device by connecting it to your PC. If your PC does not recognize the VR device, checkout this article how to fix this: VR headset does not show on my computer

After your PC recognized the plugged in VR device, place the content you want to showcase inside the specific content folder within the EZ360 folder (for example the “Videos” folder).

Step 2. Start the EZ360 app

Unplug the VR device from your PC and start the EZ360 app on your VR headset. Starting a video with EZ360 is super easy. Just put on the headset and the video will start automatically. If two or more videos have been preloaded, EZ360 will start a selection screen. In the selection screen, the viewer has to watch video thumbnail for 3 seconds to start the video.


File naming and locations for manually transferring content to VR devices:
Stereoscopic 360° video_TBVideos
Monoscopic 180° video_180Videos
Stereoscopic 180° video_180LRVideos
Traditional 2D video_2DVideos
Change the order of your videos1~
VR experience (.apk)_APPApk
Custom backgroundbackgroundImages
Custom logologoImages
Custom intro screenintroImages
Spatial audio files (.tbe)Same name as the videoVideos
Subtitle files (.srt)Same name as the videoVideos
Custom thumbnailsSame name as the videoVideos

Tip: If you are manually transferring content, because the downloading to all your VR devices takes too much time or cannot be handled by your internet connection, only download the content you uploaded into your account to one of your VR headsets. Afterwards, locate the file on the VR headset and copy it to your desktop. Perform step 1 from above by pasting this file into the “cloud” folder within the EZ360 folder of your other VR headsets (this way the file naming will be the same as the EZ360 cloud solution would name it). This way, the downloading on the VR headsets will be skipped and all other EZ360 functionalities (VR Sync, Analytics, etc) will work just fine!

Thank you for reading this article. If you’re new to us, definitely make sure to checkout EZ360, our software has helped out many organizations with their VR content. If there is anything unclear, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

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