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What is EZ360 Pro?

EZ360 Pro is an alternative version to the general EZ360 solution, which is just about the VR Player application and NOT the Content Management System / the online web portal. So it is only about the playback part of our solution, not about the management and distribution part.

With EZ360 Pro, you can do the following:

  • Access the EZ360 VR Player with your VR headsets, without an EZ360 Watermark (we provide you with a pairing code).
  • Manually transfer your VR content to your VR headsets via USB, the VR headsets’ storage is the only limit.
  • Automatically start the VR content when the headset is being put on (no Wi-Fi required!)
  • Allow the user to easily select which VR content to start.
  • Make use of regular 2D, 180 degree and 360 degree video content.
  • Make use of custom VR applications (.apk files)
  • Activate kiosk-mode, so the VR Player will automatically open when the VR headset boots up.
  • Implement your own logo and 360-degree background in the VR Player (email this to us after you purchased EZ360 pro).
  • Benefit from future updates, since the VR player makes use of the same app as the solution with our CMS.

With EZ360 Pro, you cannot do the following:

  • Synchronize the playback of VR content across multiple VR headsets (VR Sync)
  • Transfer your VR content to your VR headsets over a Wi-Fi network
  • Manage all your VR headsets and the content that is stored on them through our CMS in a web browser.
  • Automatically push content to your VR headsets (even if they are on the other side of the world)
  • Create device groups for grouping of VR headsets
  • Create playlists with VR content
  • Adjust the behavior, settings and design of the VR player
  • Gather analytical data on your VR content

For these additional things you will need the general EZ360 solution, which is based on a subscription. Register an account for free, upload your VR content, tryout the VR Player and select a plan to make use of it for your VR project.

Pricing $1199 – one-time payment

Unlike our general solution, we offer EZ360 pro as a LIFETIME subscription. By default, you will have access to EZ360 pro with up to 100 VR headsets at the same time.

If you require access to EZ360 pro with over 100 VR headsets, please contact us.

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