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Customizing the VR player

From the EZ360 Portal you have the ability to adjust the layout, interaction mode and behavior of the VR player for your own account.

Custom logo and background

Custom logo and background

If you login and go the the “Settings” section of the portal, you can upload your custom logo and custom 360-degree background. This will be used in the content selection screen, if you have over 1 piece of content to be displayed in the playlist. Would you like a different logo or background per playlist? Checkout the article “Creating and editing a playlist” how to set a custom logo and/or background per playlist.

Adjusting the interaction mode

If you login and go the the “Settings” section of the portal, you can adjust the interaction mode of the VR player. You can choose between “gazing” and “controller”. If set to Gaze, the user can interact with the app by looking around and focusing on buttons for a moment. Set this to Controller if you want users to interact with the app using the headset controller.

Adjust the layout of the content selection screen

You can decide to either show your logo in the forward-looking direction and displaying the content library on the left, or show both the logo and library centered.

Enable or disable user controls

You can enable or disable whether should see a set of controls if they look down during video playback. Users can restart the video or return to the content selection screen.

Adjust mount and finish behavior

You can choose what should happen when a user mounts the device after it was unmounted and also what should happen when the content is finished (for example your 360-degree video).

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