Association of traders celebrates 170 years of existence with VR as final act.

Back in 2017 we already realized large-scale 360-degree VR experiences for our customers. Read more about how we have organized an exceptional VR experience for 180 persons in honor of the 170th anniversary of their association.

Location: Groningen, The Netherlands.

Target Group: Traders

VR Headsets: 90 Samsung Gear VR

The challenge

The association of traders, based in Groningen (The Netherlands), was looking for an exceptional final act to amaze the guests of their Lustrum party. For this they had planned to let all guests experience a custom-made Virtual Reality experience at the end of the party. The content was already taken care of, we were asked to realize the synchronized experience for all guests. The challenge was to let all guests experience VR at the same time and make the whole event run smoothly, without any hassle. We accepted this challenge and came up with a great solution: a local VR cinema!

The solution: VR Sync

In order to reduce costs and to keep it logistically manageable, it was decided to work with two shifts of 90 VR glasses. We arranged and prepared all the VR hardware. All the guests came to the event in pairs, so the pairs were able to help each other out nicely in setting up the VR headsets. In addition, everyone thought it was a wonderful sight to see their partners look around with the VR headsets on. We have achieved the synchronized start by connecting all VR headsets to a Wi-Fi network at the location. A small signal was sent from a laptop to all VR Headsets, so that everyone experienced the 360-degree video at the same time! Because the VR content was already pre-loaded to all devices, there was no need to stream the content, we just had to send out a signal to the devices to start playing.

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