Novartis Virtual Reality

How Novartis kicked off their large event with 6 VR Cinemas

Pharmaceutical company Novartis asked us to realize 6 VR Cinemas at their event location to playback a 360-degree VR experience for 300 people simultaneously.

Location: Davos, Switzerland

Target Group: Upper management

VR headsets: 300 Samsung Gear VR

The challenge

The big pharmaceutical company Novartis organized an event for 300 of its top managers in a hotel in Switzerland. To start the event, the company wanted to use a video that truly delivered a message. The guests were divided into groups of 50, spread over six different locations in the hotel. Expectations were very high and there was no room for errors. How could we show the 360° video to every group at the same time?

The solution: VR Sync

To make sure the whole experience was flawless, we sent 4 of our VR-Experts with 300 Gear VR headsets to Switzerland. Because the guests were located in 6 different conference rooms, we set up 6 local networks to be able to control the 50 headsets in each room seperately. After two days of on-site preparation, we were happy to see the whole experience was flawless and the customer was very satisfied.

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