Virtual Reality plays prominent role at Short Film Festival in The Netherlands

Europe’s best recent short films were screened and Awards have been presented during the five festival days of Go Short. Next to traditional films, Virtual Reality content played a prominent role at the festival in 2019. Hence a solution for easy managment and playback of the content was required.

Location: Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Target group: Film industry

VR Headsets: 30 Samsung Gear VR

The challenge

360 Degree content was given a prominent role during the tenth edition of the Go Short film festival. Because many visitors were expected during the festival, it was important for the organization that many people could simultaneously and easily watch the 360 degree videos.

The solution: VR Sync

With our VR sync solution, it was possible to start the 360 videos on all headsets simultaneously. In this way, visitors only had to put on the VR headsets and enjoy the experience. In this way, all the troublesome actions for the visitors were taken away and they could optimally enjoy the videos. The festival showcased a lot of different VR experiences, but because of the handy content management system this wasn’t an issue.

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